Try & Fail Or Not Try At All

I was reading my daily Bible reading last night before bed. It was Exodus 20.  Ten Commandments. Read it, heard it, know it. I thought, quick read, no big deal, time for bed. But then I came across this verse:

So the people stood afar off, but Moses drew near the thick darkness where God was. -Exodus 20:21

and I realized, God isn’t okay with just letting me go to bed without making me think.

I used to be Moses. In my relationships with God, I was close to Him like Moses was. I would draw near the thick darkness, no matter how thick or how dark or how far to be where God was.

But the last few years I’ve been more like the people. I’ve been afraid, standing afar off because I don’t want to deal with the darkness and the thickness I have to go through to get to that place with God. I’m scared I’m going to fail, that I won’t make it through the thick darkness and I will never really be able to be back with God like I once was. I’d rather not try than to fail. That has been my life.

And now all I need to do is muster up the courage to race through the darkness, filled with the hope of a satisfying relationship. No big deal.

I challenge you. I challenge myself. Make your way towards that mountain. Make your way into the thick darkness. It may be dark, but through the black, Someone will grab your hand, leading you home.



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