Fact or Fiction

Last week my family and I were blessed to spend a couple days at the beach. The Red Sea to be exact. It was nice and peaceful, but it was just a beach like any other beach. Until the first night when we were walking along the boardwalk and my mom turned to me and said, “How cool would it be if this was where the Israelites crossed the sea?”
Guys, Christ is real. He’s so very real. He walked this earth. He bled real blood. He’s real. Just like Moses and the Israelites who escaped pharaoh were real. This was a reminder to me that our God is a real God, a living God, One who walked on the very same earth I am walking on today.
It’s so easy for us to forget. We read the stories, but that’s all they are to us: stories. That’s why the Church is in such a broken state. We, Christ followers, are living like everyone else, living as those who do not have life when we should be living in the resurrection of our Savior. We were raised with Him and we live with Him inside of us, so we have life inside of us.
We are in the Holy 50 days. Every day is resurrection day–or it should be! It’s about time we start living as those who have life.
I choose to live. How about you?


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