“I am the bread of life.” – John 6:48


Such a short statement. I was originally going to say “such a simple statement,” but it really isn’t simple. I mean, really. “I am the bread of life”? Does that actually make any logical sense? Nope. And yet we say it all the time. We tell people that Christ is the bread of life, that He is the living water.

We need to stop and think, just for a minute.

What are water and bread? They are necessities for our survival. Who can survive without food? Who can survive without water? These are necessities of life.

So then that must mean that Christ is a necessity of life. There is no life without Him. Obviously this is the case with eternal life. But what about life on earth? True life, full life, is not possible without God, so He is, in fact, a necessity of life here on earth as well. It’s so easy to forget that. It’s easy to remember and recite until blue in the face that God is the key to eternal life, but far too often we forget that He is also the key to a true, full life here on earth. It’s impossible without Him.


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