(Un)Comfortable In My Own Skin

Imagine if we all lived content with the way we looked? What if instead of finding flaws in our bodies we cherished every inch? This video is a wonderful example of how we are intended to view ourselves. Through the children in this video we see how God intended for us to see ourselves before the world began to fill our heads with lies that we are too fat or too thin, that our foreheads are too big or too small.

Let us take some time today to cherish our bodies the way God made them and to thank Him for being meticulous in the way He created us.


2 thoughts on “(Un)Comfortable In My Own Skin

  1. I couldn’t agree more. We need to learn to cherish our bodies for what they can DO, and appreciate them no matter their size. Great post, and I love your blog!(: Care to check out mine? Downwiththenorm.com

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