I Want To Be A Fearless Warrior

I’m sure that somewhere on this site, at some point I have talked about my love for Ruth. But here I am talking about her again. Because here’s the thing, Ruth was one of the most fearless women to walk this earth, and that’s a fact.

Think about it:
-Her husband dies, and when she’s given the opportunity to leave her mother-in-law and restart her life she doesn’t. She decides to stay where things are uncertain, with a woman whose loved ones keep dying. Not exactly what I would call a reassuring position to take.
-When she goes to this completely new country where customs are different from everything she has always known she doesn’t focus on how different everything is. She doesn’t focus on all the adjustments she will have to make. She focuses on her mother-in-law. She focuses on caring for the loved ones in her life. That being said, she goes to a completely foreign field where there are strange men everywhere and she is a vulnerable sole woman in order to provide for Naomi.
-When Naomi directs Ruth to go to Boaz, Ruth doesn’t question her. She obeys Naomi, against all the social customs, and goes into Boaz’s threshing floor and lays herself at his feet and at his mercy. Please try to remember how utterly scandalous this would be in the day and age this is all taking place. What if he decided that what she did was so inappropriate or impure that he would rebuke or shame her or make some sort of example out of her? Or what if that other random relative just decided he was going to marry her instead for the inheritance? So many things could have gone wrong.

Ruth was a warrior. She didn’t just give up when things were difficult or when life didn’t make sense. Instead she decided to pick herself up and follow after a new God and make a new life for herself. She must have seen something in Naomi that convicted her to leave everything she ever knew to follow this widow and her deity. And the moment she put her faith in this conviction, God provided more than she probably imagined.

Clearly Ruth wasn’t just focused on finding a new husband and having a comfortable, “normal” life. She wasn’t focused on living a life like the one she had. She wanted something else, something more, and she fought the norms and fought worldly logic to get it. She followed a widow to a strange land probably with the thought that she would live out her life serving her–what part of worldly logic would say that this was a spectacular idea?

How often are we hyperfocused on X, Y, or Z that we forget that there is Someone else providing blessings more than we have in mind? How often do we look around us at what everyone else seems to have and we think we need? How often are we Orpah, going back to the familiar, the ordinary, instead of going down the road less traveled in order to obtain the extraordinary?

I have been unbelievably jetlagged this entire week, waking up around 4 am every morning–something I usually don’t have issues with when I’m traveling–and I 100% believe this has been God trying to speak these words to me. After an hour of tossing and turning I finally decided to get up, open my Bible, and just read anything. As I pulled open my Bible, I don’t know why but I thought, I really want to read about Ruth right now, and with that God gave me the following reminder: no matter what my circumstance, no matter where I am or how uncertain I feel like things are, when I leave behind all my notions of what makes sense logically and hold onto the certainty of His love for me, He will fulfill every desire in my heart, often in an unexpected way.

fearless-warriorLet’s be fearless warriors like Ruth. Let’s not look back. Let’s not hold out for what the world is trying to offer. Let’s embrace the winding road before us with the certainty of God’s grace rather than the uncertainty of the turns ahead. Just look up, and what you will get from above will be worth so much more than what you thought you wanted.